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FAX Compliance Problems Call for the NOAH Solution

How Natural Data’s NOAH Helps with Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Natural Data’s Networked Office Automation Host (NOAH™) provides assistance in achieving Sarbanes-Oxley compliance with a complete audit trail solution that includes tracking and archiving for all types of paper-based fax machines as well as for all desktop faxing.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 legislated extensive regulations that affect the financial reporting and internal controls of all U.S. public companies, as well as a great number of both private and international corporations.

Natural Data’s NOAH Fax Branch Exchange server for material document delivery and retention is the prime solution that can be used by U.S. public companies, as well as a great number of other corporations to address the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Natural Data’s NOAH Fax Branch Exchange provides secure and tamper-proof electronic delivery, receipt, and tracking of all faxed documents. Additiontionally, Natural Data’s NOAH Fax Branch Exchange server will enhance your firm's productivity and reduce its costs.

Here Are Just A Few Ways That Natural Data’s NOAH Will Help With Your Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Problems

NOAH Helps You To Safeguard Your Forms Information & Integrity - With NOAH, financial reports, purchase orders, credit application forms, general correspondence, correspondence with auditors, and other corporate information can be electronically delivered in real-time, directly from any application or fax machine to the recipient’s fax machine or email Inbox with notification of receipt. This assists greatly in eliminating the human error factor when sending information, and limits the opportunity, as well as the probability, of information being altered or misrepresented.

NOAH Provides You With A Centralized Server Solution - Natural Data’s NOAH offers a centralized server solution that integrates with an organization’s ERP, financial, imaging, archiving and other corporate network information system to provide inbound and outbound document delivery via fax, email or the Internet. It performs as a centralized hub for electronically distributing corporate communications while streamlining workflow and assists your firm in providing reliable disclosure of corporate financial data.

Natural Data’s NOAH Provides Encrypted and Certified email Delivery Options – Natural Data’s NOAH provides encrypted and certified email delivery options that require passwords to access information, as well as electronic verification of receipt for better authentication. These security features help to reduce the risk of information being tampered with and provide additional needed security for corporations when sending and receiving corporate documents by fax.

NOAH Can Help Ensure That Documents Are Not Altered During Transmission – By sending image-based PDF or TIFF documents via a secure PSTN or IP connection and then archiving them electronically with a detailed transaction log, the NOAH server can help ensure that documents are not altered during transmission. This helps organizations ensure that original data integrity is retained and that information is not tampered with during sending or receiving.

NOAH Processes Inbound And Outbound Fax Documents From The Desktop – NOAH can be configured to store incoming and outgoing faxes electronically in a secured network storage device, archiving system or database. It can also track fax history, provide verification of fax delivery and route incoming faxes to individuals’ fax or email Inboxes, Exchange folders or other NOAH enabled devices. ~

Contact us today for information on how Natural Data's NOAH can help you safeguard and manage your company's data and still become Sarbanes-Oxley compliant.

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