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Natural Data Inc.'s Digital Fax Server
Natural Data Inc.'s Digital Fax Server
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FAX Machines: the Black Hole in Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance!
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Seems like no one knows how to spell Sarbanes-Oxley! We've seen: Sarbannes Oxley, Sorbane Oxley, Sarbanne Oxley, Sarbaines Oxley, Sarbanesoxley, Sorbanes Oxley, Sabanes Oxley, Sarbane Oxley, Sarbanes Oaxley.

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Resources > Remote Locations: Faxing from the Wild Powered by NOAH

Remote Locations: Faxing from the Wild Powered by NOAH

So you think you have a really unique're in northern Canada, in a diamond mine and access to your mine can only take place during a specific window in the dead of winter when everything is frozen. Your location is so remote that it's currently impossible to send or receive paper documents. There is no way. You just grit you teeth and bear it, right? Pretty unique, right?

WRONG! You see the designers at Natural Data Inc. solved this problem in the wilds of Richmond just haven’t heard about it yet. Well, the truth is that at Natural Data Inc. we go out of our way to solve your faxing problems. So whether you are involved in Oil and Gas, Mining, Forestry or Eco-Tourism or any other out-of-the-way industry, we have your problem solved.

Our NOAH Fax Branch Exchange PCI Adapterr and software allows three separate fax machines on any remote site to connect to the internet. So, if you're running a remote drilling operation, you can give your engineer, your geologist and your girlfriend their own separate, private and unique fax lines.

How do we do it? Simple really. We supply our unique solution, the NOAH Fax Branch Exchange PCI Adapter and software, to partners like Galaxy Broadband Communications Inc. ( bingo!...GalaxyFAX, powered by NOAH makes it all possible.

GalaxyFAX allows you to send and receive paper documents over the Internet using Hughes DIRECWAY. All you need to do is connect a PC or standard fax machine via satellite, and then via the Internet you can connect to any land-based telephone line in the world.

All inbound faxes are received as email attachments (either PDF or TIFF). You save money, and lines are never busy as it incorporates a store-and-forward design. It is reliable and cost effective and it's powered by NOAH. ~

Are you a potential partner? Then email us today at

GalaxyFAX is powered by Natural Data's NOAH! Using GalaxyFAX's Satellite IP FAX Solution, all material documents can be sent from remote locations to any fax machine or desktop in the world. Any fax machine in the world can also send you a fax by dialing a regular 10 digit number and using the Hughes satellite link to deliver it, as if it were a local phone call. It’s fast, secure and reliable. See advertisement here...

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Free Report: The Costs & Risks of Using Your Fax Machine (PDF - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free to download)

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