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Resources > NOAH: Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

NOAH: Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

The following brief article should be of more than passing interest to HP fans in North America. Clone and Freemen Innovative Gateway of Malaysia has established a strategic business partnership with HP Malaysia to integrate NOAH with HP servers in order to provide a total information management solution. Clone and Freeman Innovative Gateway and HP Malaysia have joined forces in a joint marketing and business development program, that is very innovative as well as creative, to promote business development in Malaysia for Natural Data Inc.'s cutting edge NOAH device.

The NOAH distributor in Malaysia (Clone and Freemen Innovative Gateway) has developed a unique promotional approach to NOAH that in fact does capture the very essence of this product as envisioned by its designers at Natural Data Inc. In essence NOAH requires no thinking. NAOH is very simple to use, very intuitive, requiring no change to the way that customers have always done their work. Clearly Clone and Freemen have summed up the essence of the NOAH solution as “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”!

The following Malaysian promtional effort by Clone and Freemen stresses some key NOAH features, as follows:

  • SECURITY, EFFICIENCY and INTEGRITY - Natural Data's NOAH is the very first low cost, totally scaleable departmental and enterprise solution for connecting legacy Fax machines to your existing corporate network.
  • NOAH solves the challenge of faxed document management including how you integrate, how you archive and how you monitor all inbound and outbound fax traffic.
  • NOAH assists you to become Sarbanes-Oxley compliant. If your organization is interested in Security, Flexibility and Efficiency and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance then NOAH is your solution.

Natural Data Inc.'s NOAH - Security, Efficiency, Integrity

It is interesting to note that the man in the flyer is practising Chinese Chi-Kung. Totally relaxed, no thinking, happy, without a worry!

What is Chi-Kung?

“The word Chi-Kung (qigong in Chinese) is a combination of two ideas. Chi is the vital energy of the body, and Kung is the skill of working with the Chi. Chi-Kung therapy is also called medical Chi-Kung for health and healing that consists primarily of meditation, physical movements, and breathing exercises.

In Chinese medicine, the human body has a special system -- called the meridian system -- that connects the superficies with the interior parts of the body and the upper with the lower portions of the body, and also joins all the solid and hollow organs. The meridians are neither blood vessels nor nerves. So-called Chi, the motive force of vital activities, was said to flow along the meridians to make the body function as an organic unit. In the healthy human body, internal Chi flows through the meridians as a natural and normal phenomenon. Obstruction of the normal flow of Chi was considered one of main causes of diseases. When meridians in an individual's body are obstructed, the person becomes ill. If the Chi flow through the blocked site was restored using some appropriate treatments, then the diseases would be cured. Besides medicine, acupuncture, acupressure or massage, Chi-Kung therapy also can be used to dredge the meridians.

Chi-Kung therapy is divided into two parts: internal and external. Internal Chi is developed by individual practice of Chi-Kung exercise. Chi-Kung practitioners or patients develop an awareness of Chi sensations in their bodies and use their mind, or intention, to guide the flow of Chi through the blocked meridians and restore normality. This self-controlled way is the internal Chi-Kung therapy.”

(reference :

It's interesting that NOAH directs and manages inbound and oubound faxes so that your corporate information handling body does not lose its vital energy or “Chi.” NOAH helps the corporate body to operate as an organic whole. NOAH helps to prevent obstructions that can destroy the flow of corporate “Chi” and thus make the entire corporate body ill and non compliant! NOAH helps your organization restore proper health to your document management programs! NOAH helps insure the heath of your fax network, naturally!

NOAH can help you make a difference in the “Chi” of your organization.

Natural Data Inc.'s NOAH - Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance for your fax machines.

The NOAH literature used to illustrate this brief article was prepared by NOAH's distributor, Clone & Freemen Innovative Gateway (, in Malaysia and will be used for ICT week & ACM 2005 in Sept. 06 - 09/05 (4 days) in KL, Malaysia.

For further information on how NOAH can make a difference for you contact:

Natural Data Inc.
116 Corstate Avenue, Unit 1
Concord, Ontario L4K 4Y2

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