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Natural Data Inc.'s Digital Fax Server
Natural Data Inc.'s Digital Fax Server
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News Release

Natural Data Asia & Microsoft Taiwan Announce Marketing Partnership to Promote Innovative NOAH eDocument Delivery Solution with Microsoft Exchange Server

TAIPEI, Taiwan--May 17, 2004--Natural Data Asia today announced a marketing partnership with Microsoft Taiwan to promote its flagship NOAH eDocument Delivery solution with Microsoft Exchange Server. NOAH effectively turns paper into email by connecting traditional fax machines and copying documents as email attachments.

“We are very pleased to be working with Microsoft Taiwan to promote the benefits of eDocument Delivery by fax,” said Peter Kuo, Managing Director, Natural Data Asia. “NOAH makes traditional fax machines behave like Microsoft email clients. Now all Microsoft Exchange users can take advantage of the enormous productivity benefits provided by fax email.” NOAH can simplify fax workflow by using existing email for routing while reducing traditional fax costs up to 50 per cent.

Natural Data's Digital Fax Service - Diagram

The Company’s proprietary technology enables fax machines to ‘think’ NOAH is the telephone company while NOAH ‘thinks’ fax machines are network devices. The combination delivers unique capabilities to route important print documents as PDFs or TIFF images to information systems, other fax machines, printers, and mobile devices. NOAH can automatically move paper documents directly from remote or internal fax machines to Microsoft Exchange inboxes and folders. The faxed documents can be routed departmentally or globally using the Internet, email, PSTN and DID numbers.

As faxing continues to be the primary electronic means of remotely exchanging printed documents of a ‘material nature’, recent government and financial industry regulations (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) have created an imperative to integrate, manage and archive facsimile with other corporate messaging such as email. Analysts predict that companies may have to spend as much as US$1 million on compliance efforts for every $1 billion in revenue. As a result, new opportunities exist to allow seamless, auditable, and secure management of fax documents with other corporate data. Natural Data’s NOAH copies and archives all inbound and outbound fax traffic, even failed attempts. NOAH also provides transaction logs for local fax, PSTN, DID, and Internet Fax Gateway Services. Fax image files are compressed and identified by the NOAH FBX adapter serial number, port number, and the CSID number for ‘compliance grade’ authentication.

“Natural Data NOAH provides an effective onramp to Microsoft Exchange for traditional fax machine communications,” said Cathy Yeh, Managing Director Microsoft Taiwan. “Best of all, users don’t have to change their behaviour to fully harness the power of its fax to email integration.”

About NOAH
NOAH comprises a 32-bit PCI Adapter with onboard processor and software. Each adapter can be configured for LocalFax, PSTN, and DID line support. NOAH operates with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, and Microsoft Fax Services. NOAH’s Facsimile Archiving Manager is capable of monitoring and auditing all inbound and desktop faxing. The solution comes with an XML API for integration with mission critical applications and supports archiving on CD, DVD, tape back up or CAS. Using Fax-over-IP (“FoIP”) transport NOAH can dramatically reduce management and communications costs by eliminating the need for dedicated phone lines and equipment, while using the Internet to eliminate long distance charges.

About Natural Data
The Company’s engineers have been involved in digital communications for over 30 years. They pioneered development of digital fax, having begun research in the 1970s that put fax in virtually every PC today in the form of WinFax. This innovation legacy is being continued today with NOAH. Natural Data and Natural Data Asia have offices in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada and Taipei, Taiwan. For more information visit

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