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FAX Security: Do You Know Who Sends What to Whom?

The images of 911 are etched permanently into our collective consciousness. We need to develop a security mindset in all that we hear, see and do. We need to look at the most mundane aspects of how we conduct business and communication with new eyes. We need to plug the holes.

Currently the fax can pose a security nightmare for government, public and private enterprises. Not to worry, the Canadian designers of NOAH were years ahead in their understanding of security as it needs to be applied to faxing.

Canadian-developed Product Assists the Intelligence Community

NOAH application allows secure communication on a global scale

A new product called NOAH, developed by Canadian-based Natural Data Inc. is doing something unique with the fax machines in the office. NOAH allows paper-based documents to be sent securely over the Internet or a private IP network without a phone line. Just think about what that means in terms of security and accessibility. Oh, did we mention no more failed fax transmissions, no more local fax line or long distance charges and the highest quality printout?

There are over 100,000,000 fax machines in use worldwide today. Almost all of these fax machines are unable to connect to the Internet and as a result can only send and receive faxes using the unsecured public fax line services offered by the carriers worldwide. Companies or organizations that still depend on faxing over unsecured public fax lines must use expensive encryption devices to secure information sent by fax. With NOAH, these costly issues can be overcome.

Worldwide Terrorism: Embassies Demand a Higher level of Security for Faxing

A diplomatic embassy represents citizens working abroad in a foreign land. The embassy maintains thousands of paper documents that reside in the embassy and often require being faxed to other offices, often in another country over the public phone network. These paper documents usually require necessary signatures. The current method of fax transmission leaves the embassy vulnerable to interception. The cost to fax these documents incurs substantial long distance calling expenses and the quality of the phone lines make transmission a slow and tedious process with the possibility of many retransmissions.

Place NOAH’s hardware and software solution in this office environment and connect all of the fax machines to one access line. The user loads the documents into the fax machine, dials the fax number and hits "send" as they normally would. The documents travel securely encrypted over the IP network and either print on the destination fax machine or arrive as an email – your choice. Not only has the document arrived safely, but you’ve now just eliminated paper costs (print on demand at the destination location), reduced monthly costs to lease multiple local phone lines and sent the documents in real time over the Internet or a Private IP network. You’ve also just created very inexpensive electronic documents that can be securely managed and archived each time you scan a document on your fax machine.

Child Abduction: Minutes Can Mean the Difference in Saving a Child's Life

A police department needs to send a composite sketch or photo on a global scale to utilize the intelligence of worldwide police departments and apprehend a suspect. The task of faxing this sketch to other departments around the world using a phone line is far too costly and takes too long to reach all of the necessary departments.

NOAH’s hardware and software solution allows the fax to be scanned once and emailed immediately to every police department simultaneously, at no cost, at the speed of the Internet. Instantly all of the police departments around the world receive the email fax with the sketch attached and can print the document locally, and immediately proceed with their investigation. This eliminates any long distance transmissions and follow-up calls to inquire if the fax was received in its entirety. The sketch can be easily enhanced or changed and retransmitted if required.

Depending on the level of security and personal document confidentiality, NOAH supports encryption and the use of a PIN (Personal Identification Number) code. The Intelligence Community has multiple agencies that require this level of security.

Consider the number of faxes that the police, government agencies and embassies worldwide send everyday and you begin to realize the cost, security and workflow benefits NOAH offers each one of these organizations. If all of these organizations use NOAH, they can easily create a Global IP Network for fax machines for as little as the cost of using the Internet. Now that’s a solution worth considering!

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