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What Is Your Fax Bill? Don't Choke! NOAH To the Rescue

If you are weak in the knees or faint of heart, you may wish to skip this article, however, if you can handle reality, then certainly read on.

Most people haven’t got a clue as to what their fax machine is really costing them in monthly charges, consumables and long distance charges. Almost too much to fathom. So, now imagine the long distance expenses that confront most Fortune 500 companies. In most cases a staggering $37,000,000.00 US per year (Source: Gallup/Pitney Bowes - per company and the percentage of long distance expenses that are truly fax related are $15,000,000.00 or 41% (Source: Gallup/Pitney Bowes). The actual percentage of fax costs that are long distance or international are 74% (Source: Gallup/Pitney Bowes) and over 60% of fax users report a continued increase in fax usage.

How can this be? What about email, I thought faxing was dead? Actually, according to Gallup/Pitney Bowes, in Fortune 500 companies faxing is still the number one (#1) method for sending and receiving international messages. Plus 50% of faxing is done within the company, for example from department to department or from branch to branch. Now that is an incredible amount of faxing.

What is The Total Fax Bill per Country?

  • In the United States, the total long distance bill is $240 billion
  • In the United States, the total fax bill is $25 billion
  • In Europe, the fax bill is $22.4 Billion (US)

  • Japan $8.8 Billion
  • China $3.4 Billion
  • Australia $3.1 Billion
  • Korea $2.6 Billion
  • Taiwan $1.3 Billion
  • Hong Kong $1.6 Billion
  • India $0.3 Billion
  • Total Fax Bill for Asia $31.1 Billion

Source: Davidson consulting/IDG (

So like it or not that old reliable fax machine is just not ever going to go away. Actually, 95% of faxes are received on the old fax machine and a staggering 85% of faxes are actually sent from that old fax machine. Boy, have we got a problem!

No, not really, you just need to adjust the way you look at it. Every problem is really an opportunity in the making. So, if you are a Fortune 500 company with a ton of fax machines that are burying you in long distance charges, then what you really have is an incredible opportunity to reduce costs, become Sarbanes-Oxley compliant, streamline your work flow...all without re-engineering existing networks, without replacing existing fax machines and without a change to how your human resources do their work. Yes, you guessed it, NOAH technology to the rescue and bingo a unified messaging system from the designers of the only secure fax solution that really works with any fax machine on any IP network, anywhere in the world.

With our patent pending technology, Natural Data Inc., via our advanced NOAH fax board (a combination hardware/software solution), connects any fax machine in your organization to any IP network. We do this while complying fully with all of your SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002) requirements. To date, over 10,000,000 faxes sent and this number is growing every minute. Actually NOAH is so reliable that it is used in extremely wild locations, such as ocean-going vessels and even oil platforms! Now that really is a first. Works first time, every time and helps you keep "just on time"!

So to sum it all up we are going to make you an offer that is hard to refuse. NOAH provides you with a secure environment that requires no learning curve on your part. NOAH supplies you with a solution that will significantly reduce your faxing telecommunication costs and actually tame those hitherto unmanageable fax-associated costs once and for all. NOAH will do all of this while also solving your SOX compliance headaches and increasing your firm's IT security.

So knowing what you now know, can you think of any reason why you shouldn’t immediately call us and arrange for NOAH to solve all of your faxing problems while saving you a ton of money to boot? If you do, we would really be intrigued. Contact us at We would love to tame your faxing problems while making you look like the hero you were meant to be! ~

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What Is Your Fax Bill? Don't Choke! NOAH To the Rescue
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