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FAX Machines in "the Wild" Pose Real Security Threat! Read more...

FAX Machines: the Black Hole in Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance!
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Seems like no one knows how to spell Sarbanes-Oxley! We've seen: Sarbannes Oxley, Sorbane Oxley, Sarbanne Oxley, Sarbaines Oxley, Sarbanesoxley, Sorbanes Oxley, Sabanes Oxley, Sarbane Oxley, Sarbanes Oaxley.

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FAX Machines in The Wild Posing a Security Problem For You? NOAH is Your Solution!

How often have you or anyone else in your organization given any thought to your fax machine? Why, you ask, would anyone give any thought to their fax machine? It works, it's easy to use, it's convenient and every business has at least one. Fortune 500 companies may have hundreds and many private individuals have them in their homes. All told, worldwide some 120,000,000 fax machines are probably in operation. The demand for fax machines never seems to end.

Is there anything more that I need to know?

Well, yes! Why? Because it really is quite a story. Contrary to what most people think, the fax machine is NOT a late 20th Century invention. In fact, the "telefacsimile" machine was invented in England 1843. The inventor of this device died in 1903, but it was not un till the late 1970’s that the world saw a small, fast, reliable and efficient fax machine.

The reality is that modern business cannot now function without this 19th Century invention and fax traffic increases every year! Why? The fax is a simple, efficient and reliable way to send original hard copy documents like purchase orders, invoices, quotations, stock trade confirmations, contacts, bills of lading, delivery slips, top secret reports, classified documents, or virtually any document, line drawing, schematic or photograph, virus free, around the corner or around the world. To top this all off, faxes are accepted as "material evidence" in courts of law.

What a great tool; all upside and no downside, right? Well, actually, wrong! You see the world has changed a great deal since Alexander Bain invented the first fax machine. In 1843, Mr. Bain was not worried about security, audit trails, or industrial espionage, nor could he have ever known that, in the future, a significant amount of industrial espionage would be facilitated through the auspices of his little invention. Further there was no need to think about Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance, expenses associated with PSTN fax lines, long distance charges and consumables.

Well, what's the real bottom line? In 2005, if you are a publicly traded corporation (or any private business for that matter, large or small) your fax machine can pose a very real security and financial risk that is ultimately the direct responsibility of your CEO, CFO and auditors. Bottom line, all faxes must be retained for legal, fiscal, administrative and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance reasons.

Fax machines in "the wild" state, defined as those machines that are unsecured by NOAH, are a potential liability to senior executives of your firm as well as to your firm's bottom line. The world in the 21st Century has changed and compliance is dictated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. It is no longer enough for your CEO or CFO to claim compliance; the onus is now on your auditors to confirm actual compliance by your corporation. ~

Make your fax machines secure and SOX compliant. Learn more about NOAH...

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