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Natural Data Inc.'s Digital Fax Server
Natural Data Inc.'s Digital Fax Server
Natural Data Inc.'s Digital Fax Server Natural Data Inc. - The IP Communications Company
Data transfer and storage solutions for corporations, non-profit organizations and private businesses.
Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance for Incoming & Outgoing Faxes
Manage and Distribute Data Using Your Existing Fax Machines
Fax Documents Over the Internet
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Natural Data, Inc. (NDI) based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, has developed an innovative, easy to use interface that connects standard G3 fax machines and equipment to the Internet. Once Internet enabled, legacy fax machines scan paper documents as before, but now the user has the option of sending the fax directly to an e-mail address, which can be received and printed anywhere in the world, or to another fax machine using phone lines. With the NOAH™ interface, monthly PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) charges for each fax machine have been eliminated.

Natural Data’s Fax Router solution which includes FBX hardware with NOAH™ Workgroup fax to e-mail software is the first low cost scalable departmental and enterprise solution for connecting legacy fax machines to the existing corporate Internet network. By networking fax machines, they can be used for more than just faxing. Scanned documents can be stored, managed and distributed over the network. Whatever the use, there is no change in the usage model of the fax machines and they do not have to be relocated. Using Store and Forward technology, NOAH™ provides the user with a real-time send log. NOAH™ Workgroup is TAS (Transactional Application Software) that can support other applications, such as Cost Recovery Service for fax machines and digitized documents that can be easily accessed by today's Document Management Systems.

Today, most companies are focused on reducing overall costs and saving money by extending the life of their existing capital equipment. Natural Data’s fax solutions can be easily integrated into existing on-site fax servers or connect to Virtual Fax Server hardware present today in the market. NDI has added the capability to seamlessly interface with third party IFSPs (Internet Fax Service Providers) and has partnered with Venali Inc. to provide the lowest cost total fax service today.

NOAH™ technology enables the IFSPs to offer a service for fax machine users, as well as their current computer based fax customers. The NOAH™ products dramatically increase revenues, as these providers have not been able to connect fax machines to their services until now. NOAH™ Technology eliminates the PSTN costs for faxing, but does not change the way we use the fax.

The next generations of NOAH™ technology based products will reduce the cost of faxing for the consumer, but will also support multi-media devices.

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